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Website Security

Comprehensive and best website security solutions for businesses of all sizes against threats

We provide website security services for all-sized businesses and web developers. Our team is also available 24/7/365

LadiTech Website Security services

LadiTech provides effective hacker security for websites. we always scan your website to help you stay calm when online. For your online applications and websites, our website security solutions include malware protection and detection, immediate attack response and quick recovery, improved rate of performance, and prevention of DDoS attacks.

Do I need security for my website?

Because of the large number of people that visit websites, it is critical for website owners to guarantee that their sites are safe for users. Here are some reasons why you should make sure your website is secure:

What are the security risks for a website?

The most common security risks for websites are as follows:

Injection flaws

An attacker can use an application to inject harmful code into your website via injection attacks. Keeping all of your apps up to date is the best approach to avoid injection attacks.

Broken Authentication

If your authentication is broken or weak, hackers can simulate a legitimate user, enter your system, and utilize their access to do fraudulent activities.

Broken Access Control

It’s critical to control and limit who gets access to different parts of your website. If you hire a person to work on your site, you should grant them restricted access and then remove their access after they are finished.

Security Misconfiguration

You are vulnerable to attacks if you utilize default credentials (username and generic password). All default/generic usernames and passwords should be changed, and security tools should be correctly installed.