Hosted PBX services

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Hosted PBX Services

You’ve transferred your customer relationship management (CRM) application, as well as other back-office services like finance, to the cloud as part of your digital transformation. Your company has become more agile as a result of this. So, where do we go from here? If you’re considering what additional cloud-based technologies you can use to help your business develop, now is the time to examine the benefits of a hosted PBX service.

A cloud-based communications solution, as you might think, includes the essentials, such as voice calling. However, it comes with a lot more functionality than your old phone system, such as collaboration tools and connection with other corporate systems like CRM. With these added features, a hosted PBX solution Connect may provide a lengthy list of benefits for your company, ranging from increased productivity to the opportunity to customize the client experience.

Hosted PBX services

Cost Efficiency

When compared to older systems, hosted PBX incurs lower costs in the form of repairs and downtime. Instead, a third-party provider manages hosted PBXs. Furthermore, because it uses an Internet connection to transmit your telecoms, hosted telephony requires little to no complicated infrastructure to buy or set up.


Your communication needs may develop in lockstep with your business with the help of a hosted PBX. In reality, the hosted solution allows organizations to add phone lines, extensions, and even connect to mobile devices without being constrained by the hardware limits of "old style" phone systems.

Outsourced Maintenance

An off-site phone system provider manages the upkeep of a hosted PBX system, so you don't have to devote in-house people, time, or money to keeping an on-premises system running. Because the hosted PBX system does not need to be taken offline for maintenance, upgrading, or repairs, your organization will have higher uptime.


Every call may be connected without lagging response times, delays, or dips in call quality using a hosted PBX system. Because Internet-based telephony is renowned for its superior quality than traditional PSTN connections, you can expect each call to be received clearly.

Disaster Recovery

If you're still using a legacy system, your telephone connection is often the first item to "fall down" in the event of an unplanned incident like a storm, fire, or power outage. This interruption might impede work, affecting your bottom line and external communications—for example, with essential vendors and clients. Because your infrastructure is safeguarded in a hosted environment, a hosted PBX can address this problem. As a result, even in an emergency, your communications can continue.

Real-time Monitoring and Report Analysis

Through a web portal accessible on a PC or mobile device, you can get real-time data and monitoring of all the operations in your PBX, including ongoing or missed calls, active or available agents, call rates, and subscription fees. By using the numerous reporting options on your PBX, you can analyze staff performance, check immediate call records, and make an educated choice as a business owner. The reporting tool not only collects data, but also organizes and shows it using statistical tools such as the mean, pie chart, bar chart, and other graphs to make usage analysis simple to understand.

LadiTech Hosted PBX Services

Hosted PBX

With the appropriate IP phones, employees may access all of Hosted PBX’s sophisticated calling features and services.

On the Screen

You may use your PC or Mac to get comprehensive communications services without leaving your vital business apps when you utilize this service.

Away from the Workplace

A softphone app gives your mobile user access to all Hosted PBX services from their smartphones, tablets, computers, and other mobile devices.

Why Choose LadiTech Hosted PBX Service?

By using a LadiTech Hosted PBX and Voip services, you can focus on your business and your clients. To ensure that your company phone system functions efficiently and safely, we handle communications administration, maintenance, and upgrades.

We keep an eye on your system 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and respond to any issues as soon as they happen. You and your team may focus on utilizing the benefits of workplace communications technology.

Hosted PBX Features

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