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Virtual Number (DID) Provider

Virtual phone numbers make the world seem wonderfully small

In addition to providing excellent VoIP services, LadiTech delivers secure local virtual numbers for inbound and outbound calls, removing the need for regional physical offices, increasing consumer trust, and boosting answer call rates.

Our wide SIP origination footprint supports local, mobile, and toll-free DID numbers. With only a few clicks, you can build a strong local presence and increase your sales.

LadiTech’s powerful Virtual Number features

Fast Setup

Receive calls in 3 minutes

24/7 Support Team

Dedicated customer service team

No Setup Fee

Free setup

Global Call Forwarding

Calls may be forwarded to your home, office, or PBX from anywhere in the world.

Full Cloud-Based Platform

Add, remove, and edit numbers online

Cancel Any Time

Monthly commitments are not required, and pay-as-you-go alternatives are available.

How do you buy virtual number from LadiTech?

LadiTech makes it simple and inexpensive to purchase DID numbers online. In three simple steps, you may set up your DID phone service:


Choose Your Number

Choose a local, national, or toll-free number from our extensive range.



Allow us to handle the sign-up process; it just takes 3 minutes.


Receive Calls

Begin accepting calls and serving clients straight away.

LadiTech the Best DID Number Provider

Purchase a DID number and begin forwarding calls within minutes. LadiTech offers local and international DID numbers in a variety of countries. Every DID phone number comes with 20+ VoIP features. Choose a number and check out the best VoIP DID number service without risk.