What is Number Porting?

Keeping Your Phone Number When You Change Providers

What is Number Porting ?

The practice of moving a phone number from one carrier to another is known as phone number porting. This is most commonly done when transferring service providers for a variety of reasons.

Some consumers are unaware that they have the legal right to preserve their phone numbers when switching service providers. This is true for both personal and corporate mobile phone numbers, as well as virtual phone numbers and even landlines.

How Long Does Number Porting Take?

The time it takes to transfer a phone number is dependent on numerous factors, but it usually takes a few days to a week. The two carriers involved take care of the number porting transfer. Any downtime in the operation of the phone number should be minimal.

Number Porting Vs. Call Forwarding: Are They Same?

The process of moving your cellphone number from one service provider to another is known as number porting voip services. The former service provider will erase your mobile number from their server as soon as you transfer your number.

Call forwarding, on the other hand, is a whole separate phenomena. It’s not the same as switching your phone number. Rather, it refers to forwarding your calls to a different phone number. You can, for example, divert your calls to another number if you are unable to answer them. Alternatively, if you have many phone numbers, you may combine all of your needs into a single number and answer calls from that number. While you redirect the calls, your original phone number remains the same. You may turn off call forwarding and your phone will start ringing again.

Advantages of Number Porting

How do I port my number to your service?

To migrate your numbers to us, you must first create a LadiTech account. To get started, please call +1 (613) 416 7874 or email [email protected].

LadiTech employs hosted providers to port in phone numbers, and our carriers do not service the rate center (or prefix) to which the phone number belongs. If this precise phone number is not required, we may provide you with a new, comparable phone number through our service.

Your phone number can only be ported as fax or voice by LadiTech; it cannot be used for both.

There are a few situations when porting a phone number isn’t feasible. If the new firm doesn’t have any service connections within its area code, you won’t be able to transfer your number. Your existing VoIP provider may also prevent the number transfer if your account has been suspended or is in arrears.

It makes no difference where you are physically situated if you are porting to a VoIP firm. Your new firm will gather all incoming calls from the area code of your existing phone number and send them over the internet to a destination anywhere in the world. Only a VoIP provider with the capacity to connect to the exchanges within your number’s area code will be able to transfer your number.

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