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VoIP Services

Complete Communication, Collaboration and Contact Center Services

LadiTech’s VoIP solutions enable you to centrally manage all of your phone communications, even if your workers telecommute and use various devices. We provide the best cloud-based VoIP services to assist you in finding the best solution for your business.

LadiTech a Professional VoIP Service Provider

LadiTech provides you with the peace of mind that you made an educated and wise decision.

Hosted PBX

Businesses are becoming hosted as they transition away from traditional phone systems and toward more cost-effective cloud-based VoIP solutions. We answer the needs for hosted communications solutions by helping businesses in growing their businesses and lowering their communication costs.

On-Premise PBX

An On-Premise PBX is a system that is installed on the location of the firms. An enterprise communications infrastructure supported by a single Web-based VoIP infrastructure can serve as the foundation for a wide range of web conferencing services and applications.

VoIP wholesale traffic

LadiTech provides services to all VoIP market members, including wholesale VoIP termination, small VoIP service providers, call centers, and so on. Simply create an account, install your equipment, make a pre-payment, and enjoy using our services.

SIP Trunking

It enables business phone systems to use an internet connection rather than a typical phone line for toll-free and local numbers. SIP Trunking is less expensive than traditional phone service, scales easily, and improves phone service efficiency.

Virtual Number

LadiTech delivers secure local virtual numbers for inbound and outbound calls, removing the need for regional physical offices, increasing consumer trust, and boosting answer call rates.

Porting Number

You can keep your current phone number if you’re changing service providers and staying in the same geographic area. This is known as phone number porting, may be carried out across wireline, IP and wireless providers.

Become LadiTech’s VoIP reseller

As a VoIP reseller, you will be able to simply offer our high-quality hosted VoIP service to your clients. You may offer your clients an innovative Cloud PBX, phone numbers, and all of our services. All under your brand, without needing to create or install anything.

Benefits of LadiTech VoIP Services

What to Look for in VoIP Solutions?

Remember that the greatest service for one business may not be the best service for you. It all comes down to finding a VoIP service provider who can meet your unique requirements. As a VoIP Service Provider, LadiTech considers the following facts:

LadiTech the Best VOIP Service Provider

LadiTech’s Enterprise-grade, full-featured, work-from-anywhere VoIP solutions can help your company achieve a competitive advantage.