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VoIP is appropriate for businesses of all shapes and sizes, since it can be readily scaled and adapted. It is also incredibly adaptable, allowing you to make modifications to the system on the go. It allows you to pick any phone number for your company, regardless of its location. This is beneficial for focusing on certain geographic markets and appealing to a specific demographic. 

By providing outstanding auto-attendance and successfully managing queues, VoIP promotes customer happiness. Nobody wants to remain on hold for long periods of time. VoIP takes care of all elements of call management, including out-of-office calls. A well-known area code can provide your company a sense of familiarity. VoIP allows you to expand virtually without the high expenditures of frequent international travel or hiring foreign workers. As communication modes and platforms evolve throughout the world, VoIP will enable your company to adapt and capitalize on new possibilities.

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LadiTech Voice PBX
Number of devices
Up to 2 devices
Up to 3 devices
Up to 5 devices
Up to 12 devices
Caller ID Control (Outgoing Call)
Call Forward
Call Queue
Call Transfer
Conditional Call Transfer
Confrance Call
Customized Music On Hold
External DID
Inbound IVR
IVR Call Flow Size
Up to 5 Items
Up to 10 Items
Up to 25 Items
Up to 35 Items
Limited to 3
Limited to 5
Limited to 15
Ring Group
Speed Dial
Time Base Rule
Voicemail to Email
Voice Mail via Menu
Voice Mail Storage (1MB = 4 Minute)
15 MB Free
30 MB Free
75 MB Free
200 MB Free
Voice Record
Voice Record to Email
LadiTech Voice PBX
LadiTech Web Portal Access
Incoming Calls
Outgoing Calls
Based on LadiTech fair rates
Based on LadiTech fair rates
Based on LadiTech fair rates
Based on LadiTech fair rates
24/7/365 Tech Support