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IT Help Desk

LadiTech IT Help Desk

We’ll give you 24/7/365 access to our professional IT help desk technician to keep your business running smoothly

Companies of all sizes can benefit from our IT help desk support. for solving end-user issues which are repetitive and need technical skill, you can outsource your IT needs to us.

LadiTech IT Help Desk Services

Device & Hardware Support

We'll give you one phone number to contact for everything from laptops and workstations to printers and mobile devices. We'll fully support you so you can concentrate on your company growth.

24/7/365 Remote Support

Our IT help desk remote support team is accessible whenever you need them, whether it's to fill in gaps on evenings and weekends or to provide year-round coverage.

Software Support Helpdesk

Your company relies on more software. When software problems arise and systems fail, our IT help desk team is here to assist you 24/7.

Customized Support Options

Don't be forced to choose between fixed-price contracts that don't meet your requirements. our solution completely tailored to your company's requirements. Whether it's a 24/7/365 support or another customized support option.

General Reporting

Each request is logged and reported in a complete dashboard when you call our support team. You'll get specific detailed information regarding the problems that your company is facing, as well as how we solved them.

LadiTech IT Help Desk Support Benefits

Save Internal IT Resources

Help your IT team move away from fixing repetitive IT issues and toward projects that move the sales growth.

Cost Saving

Solving complex ticket requests with a professional IT help desk improves end-user satisfaction.  solving tickets more quickly causes simultaneously lowering costs.

On-Site Support

If our employees are unable to resolve your issue over the phone, our dedicated team will be sent to your location.

Admin Tasks

We do different admin tasks such as AD account, File/disk, Outlook accounts, VoIP System accounts, and managing your company’s other systems.

Guaranteed IT Results

When you contract with LadiTech, you get guarantee as well as service level agreements that testify to this claim.

Resolve problems permanently

We’ll prevent repeating problems by keeping track of previous tickets in a knowledge base and leveraging them to address problems faster while suggesting long-term solutions

IT Help desk services are provided by a managed IT service provider. As client problems are reported to our team, issues are assigned to the appropriate expert. With a closed feedback loop to the client, each professional may track and monitor several issues.

Our specialists will also monitor client environments for uptime performance and rectify issues before they become a problem. Antivirus, malware, antispam, device firmware, and OS updates are performed on a regular basis to ensure that services and security issues are resolved.