Dark Mode and Custom Colors are Highlighted in Bootstrap 5.3.0.

Bootstrap 5.3.0

The latest version of the CSS, JavaScript, and HTML web framework, Bootstrap 5.3.0, has arrived, with an emphasis on dark mode and custom color modes.

This upgrade to the mobile-first application framework’s last stable release was announced on May 30 and can download at GetBootstrap.com. Bootstrap’s core was updated in this version to provide “first class” support for dark mode, which is enabled by default. Bootstrap now allows an unlimited number of colour modes for creating bespoke themes or more subtle colour options. Dark mode styles are created via a new colour-mode () Sass mixin, which allows developers to define styles that are unique to a given colour mode. Meanwhile, a new _variables-dark.CSS stylesheet contains dark-mode-specific Sass variables. Also included in Bootstrap 5.3.0:

  • All new Sass variables, CSS variables, and utilities for setting colour, background-color, and border-color are included in the updated colour palette.
  • Theme colours have been broadened to include subtle background colours, while foreground and background colours have been expanded to include additional secondary, tertiary, and accent colours.
  • New link helpers and utilities were added to improve link style.
    Navs now have new:focus_visible styles that match custom button focus styles better.
  • CSS variable-based border-width utilities were restored to explicitly setting their property, as was the case previous to version 5.2.0. (This prevents inheritance conflicts between nested items, like as tables.)

Plans for Bootstrap 5.4.0 include updating the utility API and associated work. Patch releases for 5.3.x are scheduled in the next weeks to resolve any concerns.

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