How Much Bandwidth Does a Voip Phone Need

How Much Bandwidth Does a Voip Phone Need

The codec used to transform an analogue voice/fax signal to digital data packets determines the bandwidth utilises for VoIP. By default, LadiTech employs the Opus codec for voice calls. G.722 (used for some voice calls when the other telephone carrier does not support Opus), G.711u (used for fax), G.729, and G.711a also supports. The speed of your internet connection is essential to the quality of your VoIP calls.

It should be noted that speed alone does not ensure optimum VoIP outcomes. In other words, The necessary internet connection speed for VoIP is between 90 and 156 kbps.

VoIP Bandwidth Prerequisites

For optimal call and fax quality, your phones require a regular, reserved amount of bandwidth. However, Even one computer with a fast internet connection can consume all of the bandwidth in spurts or often. Depending on what you are doing on your computer. Above all, This produces a bottleneck, causing phone calls to drop, audio to clip in and out, faxes to fail, and a variety of other call or fax-related problems.

Assume you have three phones, one fax adapter, and one computer: (3 phones) * 90Kbps + (1 fax adapter) * 100Kbps =

  • A minimum download speed of 370 kbps is required.
  • A minimum upload speed of 370 kbps is required.
  • Use these values to configure Bandwidth Management on your network to prevent your single machine from consuming all of the bandwidth.
  • You may use to determine the minimal needs for your environment.

To ensure optimal call quality, utilise these bandwidth figures to configure Bandwidth Management (BWM). After that, The methods for configuring BWM differ based on the router. However, all of our Recommended Routers include BWM and instructions on how to configure it.

If you do not have a Recommended Router and need help configuring BWM. In addition, Please contact your IT department or the router’s vendor.

More information on audio quality difficulties may be found in the articles Call and Fax Quality difficulties (QoS) and Bandwidth Management – Preventing Call and Fax Quality Issues using Bandwidth Management.

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