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What you do matters, and that’s why it’s important to us that you can attend to your patients’ needs without worrying about whether your technology is performing reliably. Call us today and see the LadiTech Dental Support difference.

Get Reliable Dental IT Support For Your Business.

If you’re a dental professional searching for the right solution to all your tech needs, you’ve found it.

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Website Development, Telecom Solution, IT Solution/Maintenance, Network Security Solution.
Website Development, Telecom Solution, IT Solution/Maintenance, Network Security Solution.


New Office Install

We get you up and running quickly. From developing a network design, plan and performing installations, supplying all hardware and software installations, network security, Antivirus –Malware, and backup/disaster recovery solutions.

Network and Security Solutions

Our networking solutions begin with a consultation to identify your needs. We then plan, design and implement a system that meets those needs.


We provide all site maintenance and back-up of data, taking care of your daily IT needs so you can concentrate on your practise.

Network Infrastructure

We provide complete installation, setup, and upgrading services from cabling to servers, workstations, power backup, data backup, firewalls, and other networking equipment.

IT Support

Your staff will have access to our competent, dedicated professional DENTAL IT support team to ensure day-to-day IT issues for your practise or clinic are resolved quickly.

VoIP Solution

All of our Hosted PBX plans come with a wealth of powerful hosted PBX features. ( Read More )

We Specialize in Dental Office Integration

Reliable IT support services for Dental professionals with a budget-friendly subscription rate.

Dental IT Solutions

LadiTech will install, configure and integrate practice management software applications and digital imaging products such as intraoral cameras, digital cameras, optical scanners, and digital x-ray sensors and scanners. Our recommendations will provide you with the optimum solution for your practice.

Dental Software Support

Dental management software can provide complete patient history, process insurance claims more efficiently, improve patient care and awareness, and integrate daily tasks for a paperless office. Sustaining a comprehensive information management system is critical to the success of every dental practice.

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Any IT firm can install your programs. But not every IT firm will understand your specific needs. We specialize in providing tech for dental equipment and day to day dental IT. We understand what your needs are, saving time and money through smooth installations and quick resolutions to problems that may arise.

We Provide :

We install programs for equipment, office maintenance, and billing, everything you need to run smoothly.

Privacy is important to you and your patients. That’s why we provide auto backup of files, which means you don’t have to think or worry about it. It’s done.

For extra protection, your data will be sent to the LADITECH DENTAL SUPPORT cloud. Our cloud system backs up your vital data but in a way that gives you peace of mind, fully encrypting the data before it is sent out.

Our backup system allows for easy recovery of data if needed.

LadiTech Dental Support offers:

We want you to concentrate on your patients and we’re happy to be a small part of you providing necessary care.