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LadiDesk Agent

A simple and secure platform, with multi-features such as Help Desk, Live Chat, and Call Center. Customer service key features of the software help in prioritizes the communication from different channels. Emails converted to tickets, real-time chat messenger, phone calls received, routed or called back, and 24/7 support. 39 translations available, gamification-Rewards & Badges, can be used through mobile apps like Android and ios. It also enables you to connect to social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to monitor brands and quickly respond to clients/customers. A help desk software for small and medium businesses.

Ticketing System

Handle all your customer inquiries from one interface! Learn about LadiDesk’s Ticketing system and its features.

Universal inbox

LadiDesk’s Universal inbox is like a smarter version of your email inbox.

SPAM filters

Battle spam with automatic spam filtering in your help desk.


Organize contacts into companies as needed.

Contact fields

Gather and store information about your contacts or companies.


Automate your workflow through time, action, and SLA rules.

To solve button

The button notifies you when SLA tickets need to be answered.

Time Rules

Time rules run in the background in intervals ( Usually every minute ).


Assign and Transfer tickets between agents and departments.


Distribute tickets and support agents into departments.

Time tracking

Easy track your agent’s work time for each ticket.


Use tags to differentiate between customers and ticket topics.


Agents manage and respond to all queries on your help desk.

Business hours

LadiDesk’s business hours configures your SLA levels to take action only during their working hours.


Sort and manage all relevant customer info inside LadiDesk.

Internal tickets

Create internal notes for your colleagues inside each ticket.


LadiDesk will automatically sort your company communication into Tickets.

Ticket fields

Create unlimited ticket fields to store additional info.

Hybrid ticket stream

Follow customer resolution journeys across different channels.

Automated ticket distribution

Automatically create optimal workloads for your agents.


Pause ticket routing to you while you take a short break.


Create filters to sort through tickets quickly.


LadiDesk allows you to add private notes to a ticket that is only visible to agents.

Merge tickets

Merge multiple tickets about the same issue into one ticket.

Email templates

Configure email templates for your customers and agents.

Canned messages (Macros)

Canned messages can save you some time, and you can use that to write replies.

Pre-defined answers

Create pre-defined answers to FAQs and general questions.


LadiDesk offers an option to drag and drop files ( images, video, music, documents…) to your tickets.

Copy & Paste images

LadiDesk offers you an option to Copy and Paste images inside your ticket.

Export tickets

LadiDesk offers you an option to export your tickets to an HTML or PDF version.


Email forwarding is an essential thing for any help desk software.

Split tickets

Handle one ticket by multiple agents simultaneously.

Email notifications

Automatically receive email notification about new tickets.

Slack notifications

LadiDesk makes it easier for you to follow up on your tickets via Slack.

Online ticket history (URL)

Attach a link with complete ticket history to your email.

Multiple ticket tabs

Work on multiple tickets at once and switch in-between easily.

Agent collision detection

Prevent multiple agents from working on the same ticket.

Agent ranking

Receive ratings and Identify trends after each interaction.

Contact forms

Make yourself accessible by utilizing built-in contact forms.

Contact form gallery

Choose a contact form for your site from our premade gallery.

GIFs in tickets

Bring static conversations to life with animated GIFs.


Customize or disable any sound that is played in LadiDesk.

Audit log

Use audit logs as reference points if queries escalate.

Tickets export

Export tickets a downloadable CSV file.

Search & Replace

Search for a string in every incoming message and replace it with something else before being displayed or stored in a database.

Contact groups

Contact groups can be created and customized to your needs. Therefore you can create categories of customers with various interests, people who use specific products, or more.

Service-level agreement (SLA)

Service-Level-Agreement ( SLA ) is an arrangement to meet targets for replying to the tickets by your agents ( Support representative ), for providing help to your customers.

WYSIWYG editor

WYSIWYG is an editor gives you the ability to enter and format your content while working in a “What You See Is What You Get” view of the content.

Live chat

Live chat features

Discover advanced live chat features like proactive chat invitations and real-time typing view.

Real-time chat

Chat with customers in real-time to improve conversation rates.

Video chat

A video chat with customers & colleagues alike.

Proactive chat invitations

Invite website visitors to chat while they browse your site.

Chat button

The LadiDesk chat button is fully customizable and easy to implement.

Chat button gallery

Choose from predefined live chat button positions and styles.

Chat button animations

Animate your chat buttons to impress your website visitors

Chat invitation gallery

Choose from various customizable chat invitations.

Chat window docking

Dock chat windows to the left or right side of your website.

Chats overview

Check which pages are being browsed and for how long.

Chat history

Chat history is exactly that it can be extremely useful in various scenarios.

Online visitors

Monitor who is browsing your site and what page they’re on.

Chat distribution

Distribute chats through multiple distribution options.

Real-time typing-view

View what your customers are typing before they hit send.

Chat embedded tracking

Track live chat session events in Google Analytics.

Max queue length

Automatically hide the live chat button if the max queue is reached.

Internal chat

Utilize an internal messenger to chat with fellow agents.

Current URL of live chat visitor

Get a real-time view of the pages your site visitors are on.

Call Center

Integrated LadiTech Call center handles large numbers of calls incoming from customers.

It’s excellent for providing customer support via phone. At the same time, customers can connect with

you via multiple channels (Email, live chat, social media, or even Viber).


LadiDesk offers the ability to connect and use softphones.

Automatic Callback

Empower your customers to request automatic callbacks.

Internal calls

Call with your colleagues right inside of LadiDesk.

Supported call devices

Compatible with both physical and virtual call devices.

Unlimited call recordings

Record and store all call conducted through LadiDesk.

Call routing

LadiDesk routes call automatically by priority or assign them randomly.

Call transfers

Attended transfer wait to terminate the call until it’s either picked up, rejected, and not answered by another agent.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

LadiDesk features a comprehensive IVR online designed tool where anyone can create their IVR trees.

Social media features

Need to improve your social media customer service?
LadiDesk offers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Viber integration.


Track and respond to all posts, comments, and private messages.


Monitor and reply to mentions and Tweets about your brand.


Respond to Instagram comments and mentions through your dash.


Connect Viber to chat with customers and broadcast messages.

Customer service reporting

Start improving your service today by reviewing our customer service report.

Generate over ten reports to get a complete overview of your customer service efforts.

Analytics overview

See usage, statistics, and evaluate performance reports.

Performance report

Monitor the performance of your support agents.

Agent ranking overview

View your agent’s performance according to received ratings.

Tag reports

Create tag reports by time, department, channel, and agent.

SLA compliance report

Create SLA report by time and department.

SLA log report

View how well you are managing SLA requirments.

Agent availability

Monitor the availability of your agents.

Agent report

Create reports about agent work time.

Channel report

See what channels are most used to contact your support team.

Department report

Easily review your department’s performance.

Time report

See how much time was spent on each individual ticket.

Customer portal

The customer portal is a way for your business to operate 24/7. To provide the best customer
service, you need to give the best information to all customers

Knowledge base

Create knowledge base articles, forums, or feedback boards.

Multi knowledge base

Create Multiple customer portals for multiple products.


Create forums and build an online community with your users.

Attachments in articles

Easily attach files to your knowledge base articles.

Feedback & Suggestions

Encourage customers to send you new ideas and feedback.

WYSIWYG editor for articles

Easy edit and style the content of your article.

Search widgets

Search widgets enable visitors to search in your articles, forums, and suggestion board directly from
your website.

Helpdesk gamification

Make your agent’s everyday work more fun and motivate them to perform better with magnification.

Rewards & Badges

Give out badges and rewards to your most hardworking agents.


Agents attain level over time as they solve queries.

Benchmarks and leaderboards

See your statistics, like how long have you been online, how many messages you have responded to, and a ton of other useful data. Benchmark yourself to others in your customer


Let’s your customer support agents use LadiDesk in the language they prefer.

Language adaptable widgets

Set up chat, contact, or feedback widgets in your language.

Mobile apps

Keep track of what’s happening at your help desk even when you are away from your laptop.


LadiDesk offers a native Android app for your favorite mobile device so that you can also provide customer service on the go.


LadiDesk offers a native iOS app for your favorite mobile device so that you can also provide customer service on the go.


LadiDesk is a customer service software that offers many integrations to improve your work tasks.


API is a list of commands that one software can send to another. Thanks to API, you can reconnect multiple programs, tools and automate and influence many tasks


Zapier allows you to integrate many applications, integrations, and software with LadiDesk for a seamless working experience

Email marketing

LadiDesk is the right tool for email marketing, with features to support it. Take advantage of the reliable ticketing system to keep track of everything that’s happening in your mailbox.

Billing management

LadiDesk is a help desk software with multiple capabilities to allow you to do more than you think. Take care of your billing, invoices, and more with a payment processor in LadiDesk.

Collaboration tools

Integrate Slack for instant notification about new tickets.


LadiDesk integrates with WordPress, Squarespace, and Drupal.

Project management

Integrate project management tools with LadiDesk.


With LadiDesk, you can store, organize, and quickly reach every and any information, record, or piece of data related to your customers.

Migration plugins

Migration plugins help you transfer all of your data from your previous help desk software, so you can start using LadiDesk almost immediately and without additional hassle.


LadiDesk can help you take your eCommerce website to the next level. Turn website visitors into paying customers, provide them with advice and help them decide about buying your products straight from your dashboard.


LadiDesk is a customer service software that offers many integrations to improve your work tasks.

Ban IPs

Ban IP’s visitors that are prone to spam.


LadiDesk is committed to privacy, security, compliance, and transparency.

HTTPS encryption

All LadiDesk hosted accounts run over a secure connection using the HTTPS protocol.

Multiple data centers

the company behind software product LadiDesk has always built products with stability and
security in place.

2-Step verification

2-Step Verification (also known as 2-factor authentication), you’ll protect your LadiDesk
account with both your password and an additional code from Google Authenticator mobile