Live chat

Live chat features

Discover advanced live chat features like proactive chat invitations and real-time typing view.

Real-time chat

Chat with customers in real-time to improve conversation rates.

Video chat

A video chat with customers & colleagues alike.

Proactive chat invitations

Invite website visitors to chat while they browse your site.

Chat button

The Ladi-Desk chat button is fully customizable and easy to implement.

Chat button gallery

Choose from predefined live chat button positions and styles.

Chat button animations

Animate your chat buttons to impress your website visitors

Chat invitation gallery

Choose from various customizable chat invitations.

Chat window docking

Dock chat windows to the left or right side of your website.

Chats overview

Check which pages are being browsed and for how long.

Chat history

Chat history is exactly that it can be extremely useful in various scenarios.

Online visitors

Monitor who is browsing your site and what page they’re on.

Chat distribution

Distribute chats through multiple distribution options.

Real-time typing-view

View what your customers are typing before they hit send.

Chat embedded tracking

Track live chat session events in Google Analytics.

Max queue length

Automatically hide the live chat button if the max queue is reached.

Internal chat

Utilize an internal messenger to chat with fellow agents.

Current URL of live chat visitor

Get a real-time view of the pages your site visitors are on.